Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Visit's to the Toilet...

Well my lovely friends, first I want to apologize for being M.I.A. for so long. I have a good excuse if you will. You see, it all started when I began feeling overly tired and exhausted a few weeks back. I would complain to my poor husband that my boobs hurt, I was bloated (Im sure he loved hearing that!) and that I caught the flu which glued me to the toilet for a day. 
Time passed and yet I was still in denial. 
More naps.
More tiredness.
More nauseated spouts.
I was late. You know. Late. Like. 2 weeks late! 
So still being in denial, I sat on the toilet one morning, did my business and bam! The little pink stick said I was preggo! I stared at it and literally said, "nuh uh." (I think because I haven't had a great record with pregnancy tests actually working for me. I have previously taken 4 week after week that said negative results. We had to get a blood test which said I WAS pregnant. Crazy!)
But this one actually worked!
My husband wasn't home yet.
I couldn't wipe that silly smile off my face. 
He walked in and I had him go look at it. 
We couldn't be more excited!
So here's to baby number 3! We already have 2 beautiful boys and life is grand! I wonder if we'll get another bruiser or a girl to dress up in pink? Hmmm, either way we are excited! So please forgive me for not posting lately. I have a good excuse don't you think? 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sugar Cookies

So I have been in cookie decorating mode! I love decorating....just sayin...
Here's some that I did for my friends baby shower! She has a beautiful baby girl and I thought Id do some with a G for girl on them. If you need the icing recipe go here. I made it a little thicker to do the piping. :)

Step 1: Outline
I used squeeze bottles for decorating these! So easy and fun! (I want to see if squeeze bottles work on cakes too...Ill let you know once I try) Anywho, Outline your cookie in white frosting in the shape of a flower. Once that dries fill in the middle with pink. :) 
Step 2: Pipe and Sprinkle
Once your pink and white flower dry, your ready to pipe a pretty g on there. Pipe a g (I practiced on parchment paper first to get the hang)  Then pour the sprinkles ontop of the wet g to stick. Gently shake off excess sprinkles. Repeat. I got the cute g idea from Bake at 350! Super cute ideas!
For the plain white pearl cookies I just put white frosting on top of the cookie and then immediately poured the sprinkles and pearls on top. Simple and cute! 

They were fun! Sorry the pictures are so bad, it was late.Enjoy! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Road Trip!

So I don't know about you but this weather has been making me itch for some outdoor activity. We have had sunny ski's here. Im loving every minute of it! That being said, our family decided to take a little road trip. Now let me tell you that 4 hours in the car with 2 rambunctious little boys is not so much fun, so we tried to split up the time by making some stops on the way. 
We stopped at the Jelly Belly factory first. It was neat to see the candy making in action. The boys loved that! They especially loved eating the free jelly belly beans at the end of our tour.
Then we headed to our camp ground in the Redwoods. Big Basin Redwoods to be exact. One word! BEAUTIFUL! If you have never been to this hidden treasure, I reccomend going this Summer cause it really is breathtaking. The only downer when we went was that it rained on us. Lame! We were all huddled together in our sleeping bags and dreaded getting out of them! I don't think we have been that cold in a while. Other than the cold it was great! Im sure if you go in the actual Summer time you'll be fine. 
After a night of camping, we headed to the beach. We had a blast eating lunch and playing frisbee on the beach. 
All in all it was pretty fun! Hectic but what trip isn't! We did a lot in just 2 days and have some great memories to add to our books! 
So what kind of Road Trips do you have planned? 

Oh and I had fun editing these pictures using picnik. A wonderful idea I stole from the amazing Little Miss Momma! Love her!  Anywho, have a good one! 


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