Who Is This Bloomin Rachel?

Ha! Who am I? My name is Rachel!

Here are a few things about me.
I love to laugh ! Muuuuuuhaha! In fact, my husband will tickle me until I do "the ugly laugh" (you know the one that is hideously loud and ends in a snort?) to which I yell, "You made me do the ugly laugh!" He just chuckles at me. 

My Handsome hairy husband and crazy boys are the loves of my life! They keep me on my toes and lift me up. It's my season for Mommyhood and I love every minute of blooming therein.

My other loves include, WAKE BOARDING (gotta love those face plants!), road-trips, CAMPING (Campfire and Smores anyone?), FAMILY, 
hanging with friends, expanding my craftiness, SEWING, von-zippers, cute shoes, ICE CREAM (you know, to fill in the cracks) surfing (as long as i don't hit my head and go under again) running and working out, PHOTOGRAPHY (I swear my camera is another one of my appendages) art, shopping, earrings, MUSIC (yup that was me you saw driving, dancing and singing at the top of her lungs in the car the other day!), singing, hiking, going to the temple, TRAVELING the world (I miss Venizia) eating out, eating in, BAKING (Ooooo I love baking), immersing myself in other cultures, food... (did I say food? Thank heavens my hubby is a good cook), sushi, movie watching, CHICK FLICKS, hanging with family, friends, and just being me. Im a nerd really.... but I didn't tell you that. (((((shhhhh!!!!)))) 

Our Family...Im so outnumbered...but I love it!

Me doing what I LoVe...


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