Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mommy Brain

You Know You Have a Mommy Brain When:
At the end of the day you find a piece of apple you chopped up for your "little Man" (at lunch time) peeking out at you from under your bed on the floor. Who does that? How did I miss that one and who is the culprit?
You finally snuck a shower in at nap time... YES!!!
Your too busy playing "Pirates" on the ground to run to your ringing phone
 You have boogers (and heaven knows what) plastered to your right shoulder from "Mr. Snotty face" but don't seem to care cause your snuggling the little one. Shirts are sooooo overrated!
You forgot to brush your teeth until lunch. EW!!! I know, but Im sure you have those days too.... don't cha? Anyone... ;) 
You forget your brain in the kitchen and helplessly try to figure out why the devil your standing in the pantry and what on earth your looking for? 

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope your Mommy Brains are working A-LOT better than mine today! Muah! 


Monday, March 21, 2011

Did I tell you that Id LOVE one of these?

Decor Chick is ALSO giving one of these babies away! Can I get a Whoop Whoop! If you haven't already, go check her out! Loves

I so Wanna Win This!

And you should too! Just go to Remodelaholic and follow the instructions! It is so worth it! Loves!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mommy Moments Anyone?

Oh my goodness! This was hilarious! I have to write about it before it leaves my busy little Mommy brain.
We were at Grandma-ma's house.
Well  little #1 loves to bake with Grandma-ma. He is such a little helper. On such an occasion he saw her rolling pin out and insisted on helping. On that day however, she wasn't making anything. As any 3 year old, his little heart was broken. So in a compromise we decided to let him play in the flour instead. Let me tell you, he was excited! (I think he likes the silky feeling of flour!) So he washed his hands and was in the flour in a snap! Well little #2, being the curious little brother that he is decided to join in on the fun. He looked at his brother for a while, studying him.... then jumped quickly into the flour too. They both laughed histerically at each other! Big brother played with the flour in a cup. Little brother would toss it up in the air with his hands. Laughter of two little boys is all you heard. (Ha! I thought little man #1 was going turn blue and run out of air due to laughing so hard, which made me laugh and then it just dominoed from there on out.) It was great. Even in the end when the boys were covered from head to toe in white dusty flour!  
I love them. I love the moments of "not caring" if they make a mess in the flour just so we can find a pure moment of joy in the end. And in these kind of Mommy moments Im learning to not care so much if messes happen.... it was hard at first (Im miss CLEAN freak, remember!! HA!) but pure joy to see! 
I love my boys! 
What have been some of your Mommy moments lately???? 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Holy Soft Swords Batman!

Holy Haberdashery Batman, Look at that soft sword! 
Ha! Yes my fellow haberdashers, I've been busy sewing swords out of my boys old jammies. And yes, Robin and Batman acctually did say that on one of their old school T.V. shows! 
It's been fun whiping these babies up! 
These little swords are a bit different than the first ones I've made because I sewed them onto felt.  


Monday, March 7, 2011

Boys & Swords...

Well, it all started out with a cardboard box. We were hanging out at Grandma's and the boys were running around pretending. So we made some swords for everyone to play with out of cardboard boxes. They were small and I found myself hoping no one would poke their eye out! (Oh the Mother in me!) Then it occurred to me! Like some one turned on my little brain that often leaves me! (haha!) I can MAKE a sword that no one can poke their eyes out with! So I came home, started playing and this is the first model that I came up with. (Im still playing so check back soon :)

(this is all I had on hand at the time:)

Cotton Balls or Poly Stuffing
Felt (I just used those little square pieces you buy for a few cents)
Your Sewing machine
Thread & Needle
Paper Pattern of Sword

Step 1: The Cut
Draw and cut out your very own pattern of a sword. I was going for a little Peter Pan kind of look so it's really up to you. Cut it out.

Step 2: Pin it
Start pinning your beautiful pattern onto your felt. I folded the felt in half to have 2 pieces to sew together. Dur Dur! Then pinned them together from there. :)

Step 3: Cut it Out! No seriously....
I know Im a nerd. Owell. So after you pin all your fabric together, cut the sword shape out. Once you have your two pieces of sward, separate them. (sorry, yours won't have your stitching on it yet like the following picture...)

Step 4: Stitching Design
On each little piece of sword you are going to stitch a straight line up the middle to give it some detail! Some character! Some pizzaz! Ha!

I sewed the handle using a straight stitch. When I would get to the end I would make sure my needle was still in the fabric, pull up my footer and pivot the fabric to where I wanted it. I then "walked" my needle using my hand wheel 2 stitches down. When you walk your hand wheel your needle will sew (if you will) but only stitch by stitch. Does that make sense? Always turn your hand wheel TOWARDS you! If you don't then you could seriously mess up your gears in your machine.

Step 5: Sew PiecesTogether
Easy! Place pieces wrong sides together and pin. Sew straight around the edges leaving about 1 and 1/2 inches left open. This little opening will let you stuff your sword. :)

Just a note: I was going to turn my sword inside out and then stuff it, but I didn't like it. The sword has "sharper" looking edges if you stitch on the outside edges and do not turn it inside out. :) Just sayin....

Step 6: Im Stuffed!
Take your cotton balls (ha! that's all I had at the time!) or your poly stuffing and start packing that baby until it's to the fullness of your liking.

Then hand stitch the rest of your opening. :)

My guy has fun with his... now I don't have to worry about him poking his brothers eye out... or visa versa! :)
Loves Everyone! Muah!


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