Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Distressed Hutch

Ha! I have to laugh at this project every time I look at it! It was a joy to do... and alot more than I really asked for at this time in my life.
First of all, I decided to do it in the middle of our move. You know, when I thought it would be easy to just take everything out, pack up and paint it with two little ones on the run. Ya. Muuuhahaha!
Second, I ended up NOT liking the yellow I originally picked. (mustard yellow... my hubby hated it! lol. I wont even tell you what color he called it!)
And finally, it took alot longer than I expected... because of my crazy life and moving our family.
I LOVE IT THOUGH and wouldn't change a thing!
So you wonderful individuals out there who are looking for a way to spruce up some old furniture, take a look at this distressed look!

Paint (2 colors semigloss), paint brush, screw driver, sand paper, cloth, SOS pad

Step 1. The Color
Originally I chose yellow. A country yellow. So I went to the hardware store to pick it out. LOVED IT!
RECOMMENDATION: Get those tiny test paint jars of a couple colors you like. Paint them on your project to see which one you favor. And viola! No headache.
I didn't like the yellow when I was done but it worked out to my benefit as I painted blue over it.

Step 2. Take Off Hardware

Take your drill and remove any hardware. Door knobs/hinges etc.

Step 3: Sand lightly and Rough it up
In order for your paint to stick, your going to sand the outside. It won't take much so don't worry about putting your back into it or taking layers off with sand paper. It's not necessary. Just a little sanding will do the trick.
Now, to rough it up you need your bag of screws and hardware. Remove the hinges from the bag. Seal. And start banging on your furniture with the bag of screws. This "ages" your furniture making it look distressed. It leaves little dents to add character.
Bang on edges where desired.

Step 4: Wipe Down
It's simple enough. Wipe off sawdust with cloth so it's ready to paint.

Step 5: Paint
Simple enough. Don't forget your paint cloths (it will get everywhere!) And don't forget to pretend your Karate Kid painting Mr. Miyagi's fence. I know Im crazy but I kept saying to myself, "Danielsan, it's all in da wrist....uuppp.... down........ verrry good!" to get me through hours of painting. Make sure your strokes are smooth and have no clumps, or drips. Don't let it sit very long if your working on making it smooth either.

Step 6: SOS
Once your paint is dry, take your SOS brillow pad (steel wool) and rub it all over the painted surface to remove any blemishes. Wipe clean with cloth.

Step 7: Paint Again with Second Color

Step 8: Sand Until it Pop's
Yes! You want to sand the edges until you see that yellow (or what have you)"pop." Where ever you want your first color to come through, sand it until it does. This is called distressing. Mmmmm... love it. I think this was my favorite part.

Step 9: Wax and Polish
Put a coat of this on it and let it sit for an hour or two. With an old towel or cloth polish it into the wood using circular motions. It should shine once its all rubbed in.

And that's it! Your done! Finally! Have fun distressing... and don't stress over your project... sorry for the bad photos...


  1. That turned out truly amazing! You should be so proud of yourself because it's funky and fun, and I'm sure brings such life to your kitchen (or whatever room it's in). Way to go... I'm inspired. and by the way, I love the yellow!

  2. I love how it turned out! Great job!!

  3. I love this -- thanks for sharing the process! You make it sound so easy, but I still am very impressed :) Wish it was in my house!

  4. you need to put LOVE as a reaction choice :) Great job!

  5. This is gorgeous. I absolutely love it.

  6. thanks so much you guys! glad you like it! it was fun to do!

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