Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You know you watch too much Toy Story 3 when.....

You catch your 3 year old quietly opening a bag of tortilla's with a fork. Interested, you let him continue on, making sure he doesn't stab himself in the eye!
3 Year Old: He put's the tortilla gently on top of the table. Run's off.
Mom: Your still interested to see how things pan out.
3 Year Old: He quickly and excitedly runs back to the table with potato head parts!
Mom: Thinking, "Reaaaallllly?"
3 Year Old: Mumbling a bunch of what what's to himself
Mom: "Buddy, what are you doing?"
3 Year Old: "Mommy.... Im making a Mr. Tortilla Potato head.... see!" beaming from ear to ear!
Love it! I think we are definitely going to regulate his TV time from 2 movies a day to 1. Gotta love my little man. He's such a hoot and makes me smile EVERY single day! Hope your moments are as fun filled as mine! Loves!

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