Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Bags!

So I had these little Halloween bags laying around from last year. So I thought I would put something fun on them for the kids! I found it all at Michaels and it took me 5-10 minutes to assemble! So fun and easy. Anywho I hope you enjoy and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 
Cloth bag
Pack of felt Halloween figures (Michael's)
Liquid Stitch or needle & thread
Fabric Paint and Stencil for name

Step 1: Paint Name-
Paint name with a stencil. Or you can cut out letters and liquid stitch them on. You pick. 

Step 2: Attach Halloween figures-
These little guys already had sticky stuff on the back but I still put liquid stitch on them because I have a little man who likes to pull at things... Im pretty sure he's pull them off if he could. So place those babies where you want and them stick them on with some glue. :) Let dry. 

So easy and so fun! My crazy boys love them and I hope you do too! Happy Scaring everyone! Loves-

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