Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My Boys,
I love you. 
Baby #3,
You are such a light in our family. Your happy little spirit just shouts to me JOY! 
I can't believe that your already 4 months old! 
Time flies ever so quickly.
I love your sweet smile. I love playing "Im gonna get chu!" as you laugh historically and bury your face into mine . I love your laugh. It's music to my soul. 
You hate it when we disappear to an other room. Your not shy about telling us how you feel.
My favorite is when I smile at you and you smile back. 
You already have teeth coming in = not a happy camper. 
Your a pro at grabbing stuff and putting it into your mouth. Go figure. :) You make us laugh. Like when you fell asleep with Daddy's finger in your kisser from gnawing on it. Im happy to say he still has his thumb. :) 
You are captain of the rolling team. Ha! I'll leave you on the floor for a moment and then come back to find you clear across the room. Tummy time definitely frustrates you. You just want to run with your brothers.
You are kind, I see it in you and can feel it. 
Your blue eyes are beautiful. They remind me of "Pops."
The only thing that makes me sad about you, is that you are growing way too fast. It makes me appreciate and love the moments that we have together. The moments where I'm still the only woman you love. The moments where time stands still. The moments at 2 am when it's just us, nursing the night away.  The moments when this crazy world cannot touch you or distract you from what's really important. The moments of crazy brothers laying a million kisses on you then quickly bounding away while you just smile and absorb the love. The moments of Daddy tickling you to make you laugh. The moments of just us, when nothing else matters. I love our moments. 
You are a joy in my life. I just thought you should know. :)
Baby boy #2,
You are so full of life! You make me smile with your exuberant spirit! You have such a tiny body, but with your lively spirit no one notices! 
You love to wrestle. You love to laugh. You love to be moving. 
You are the definition of boy to me. If it has to do with dirt, cars balls, running, sticks, pockets full of rocks, trucks, mud, puddle jumping in church clothes, or rough housing, you want to experience it all.
You love singing. I love it when you sing to us. It melts my heart. Especially when you jumble the words together so cutely. 
You are so filled with love too. My favorite is to snuggle with you on the couch and watch a movie. You just sit there on my lap, tugging your ears, eyes glued. I think I like it because it's the only time your not moving so I can get my hug fix. I also love laying by you singing you songs. You gently trace my face with your fingertips and giggle. 
You definitely teach me about patience and kindness. 
You are a helper at heart and love to just jump in and help. Like the other day when we got home from grocery shopping. You observed what I was doing and then jumped right in and said, "I do it, BY MYSELF!" So I let you help and you couldn't have been more happy. You are a sweetheart. 
You are always helping with your brothers. You copy AJ's every move. The good. The bad. 
Your a great talker. 
Last night was a hard night for me with you. I tried everything to keep you from getting out of bed. Nothing seemed to work. You just wanted to play, or go potty, or snuggle, or get your brother. Finally, when I found you in your brothers bunk bed playing, I felt overcome. I put you into bed and wanted to leave you alone. You however asked me to snuggle with you. "Peeaassee Mommy. Nuggle with me?" So I did. As I laid there quietly, all I could do was look at you. Your buoyant spirit quietly drifting off to sleep. Right then I realized again how lucky I am to have you. You may test my ability to show patience, but you teach me how to love when I feel like I can't. That night I just cried because the moments of you being my little boy are fleeting. So I laid there. Taking a moment to remember how you looked. Your tiny hands tugging on your ears. The clicking sound of you sucking on your tongue. Your closed eyes. Your long blonde eyelashes. Your breath. Your Mr. Incredible pajamas. Your bare feet. :) 
I love you. I just thought you should know.
Baby boy #1,
You are my bubba. My first little man. 
You have the biggest heart a boy can have. You are always helping your little brothers. Encouraging them. Loving them and teaching them.
You know love.
You love to draw and are very good at it. You love to play with legos and can make ton's of cool things that impress us. You love Phineas and Pherb. 
I love your sense of humor.
Your hero is your Daddy and I love that you want to be just like him when you grow up. He is my hero too.
You love Family Night and are often disappointed if we have to change it to another night. Your favorite song is, "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission" or "Praise to The Man."
You love to choose the right. You are always trying your best and do a great job. 
You love to ride your bicycle and could do it for hours if I let you. 
You love to be a boy and puddle jump too. If there isn't a stick in your hand Im shocked. 
I love your dancing, when your elbows are stuck out far like your about to do a chicken dance and you shake what your Momma gave ya. 
You have an incredible memory too. You memorized the whole Cars 2 story on your V-reader. Verbatim. Plus your Articles of faith. Scriptures. Funny sayings on movies. It's great!
My favorite, however, is when you do a "drive by." It's when your running around the house and playing in every room. Then, suddenly you spot baby. You stop. Kiss him, smile and then are off again. "Drive by." 
Your'e very smart! You are reading and writing already! You can even sound out words and spell all by yourself. Like the other day when you spelt out, "I lov Mmom!" all by yourself. I was so proud. I was also taken back because this year you are going to be starting school! I can't believe it. I know it's only going to be half day but still. Half a day of no playing at home with Mommy. :) Some would say I'm silly. But, I love you. It's hard for me to watch you grow. Become independent. To no longer need me in ways you once did. It's hard for me to let you go. I love you. More than you know. You are my joy. I just thought you should know. 
Im thankful to God every day to have such amazing boys!
I let go of work, school, the latest fashions, showers, my favorite television shows, and sleep (just to name a few) to be your Mommy everyday. I didn't have to. It's just what I do now. I don't ever regret it. Really. Of course it was hard letting go at first. But Im happy I did it. All because I love my sweet boys. Because guiding you on the right path each day means the world to me. I know I may fail daily, but that's the beauty of it. Trying and trying again. Trying daily to raise you the best I can and know how. 

How do you deal as time seems to fly by? :) 

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