Saturday, June 26, 2010

If I only had today...

Just a thought.
I was thinking about what it is like to be a Mommy. My sweet husband is working and I was just having a "Mommy Moment" while my boys play together.
Being a Mom is amazing. I never thought I could love so much in my life, but I do. I am a happy mother of 2 crazy boys! They bring an added zing to my life. I love them so much!
Yet, sometimes I let "things" get in the way of truly being a mom. I often strive to be the best I can each day, but you know.... some times you just have those days. The ones where you wish everything could be clean, orderly, tantrum-less, less chaotic..... Ha!
Well, I heard this song by Hilary Weeks and thought, "Ya! I want to be like that!"
If there were no more tomorrows
and I knew that I could not stay
I'd know how I'd spend every minute
If I only had today

I'd hold you and listen
I'd let the dishes sit in the sink
I'd tell you I love you over and over
and for once I'd just let the phone ring
and I'd remind you of Forever
and how our love would never change
If I only had today

Id wake up before the sun did
and Id watch as you quietly sleep
Id pray for time to move slowly
knowing the moment wont keep
all the gifts that heaven has given
every blessing thats come my way
wouldn't mean anything without you
So if I only had today

I'd hold you and listen
Id memorize every detail of your face
Id tell you I love you over and over
I wouldn't let excuses get in the way
Then I'd remind you of Forever
and how our love would never change
If I only had today........

Not like we all don't try to do it every day! Many of us have families, jobs, kids, crafts & hobbies and life that we are often catching up with..... BUT imagine..... if we truly took time out of our day to be moms! Not to just get through Motherhood, but to really ENJOY it! To be a Mom for our kids. To find joy in the hard moments and simply laugh instead! Taking every moment to teach, to prepare, to smile, to nurture, to bake, to sing, to love, to laugh, to kiss, to lift, to find joy, to snuggle, to play, and do more with our loved ones. I hope to. And if there are any of you out there that have mastered this, please tell me how you do it! Im all ears! Loves!


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  1. I was feeling like that just yesterday (like I want every moment to be great). And I was thinking how to do it? How to set up my mind to think like that all the time? Thank you for the inspiring thought and the song - it's great!

    p.s. I'm sure you know exactly how to do it and you are one of the best who does.




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