Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mommy Brain

You Know You Have a Mommy Brain When:
At the end of the day you find a piece of apple you chopped up for your "little Man" (at lunch time) peeking out at you from under your bed on the floor. Who does that? How did I miss that one and who is the culprit?
You finally snuck a shower in at nap time... YES!!!
Your too busy playing "Pirates" on the ground to run to your ringing phone
 You have boogers (and heaven knows what) plastered to your right shoulder from "Mr. Snotty face" but don't seem to care cause your snuggling the little one. Shirts are sooooo overrated!
You forgot to brush your teeth until lunch. EW!!! I know, but Im sure you have those days too.... don't cha? Anyone... ;) 
You forget your brain in the kitchen and helplessly try to figure out why the devil your standing in the pantry and what on earth your looking for? 

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope your Mommy Brains are working A-LOT better than mine today! Muah! 


1 comment:

  1. Oh I so feel ya! My kiddos are 9 and 11 and I still have yet to find my brain! I always find myself backtracking hoping I can remember why I was heading to a particular room. Gotta love them kids!



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