Friday, March 18, 2011

Mommy Moments Anyone?

Oh my goodness! This was hilarious! I have to write about it before it leaves my busy little Mommy brain.
We were at Grandma-ma's house.
Well  little #1 loves to bake with Grandma-ma. He is such a little helper. On such an occasion he saw her rolling pin out and insisted on helping. On that day however, she wasn't making anything. As any 3 year old, his little heart was broken. So in a compromise we decided to let him play in the flour instead. Let me tell you, he was excited! (I think he likes the silky feeling of flour!) So he washed his hands and was in the flour in a snap! Well little #2, being the curious little brother that he is decided to join in on the fun. He looked at his brother for a while, studying him.... then jumped quickly into the flour too. They both laughed histerically at each other! Big brother played with the flour in a cup. Little brother would toss it up in the air with his hands. Laughter of two little boys is all you heard. (Ha! I thought little man #1 was going turn blue and run out of air due to laughing so hard, which made me laugh and then it just dominoed from there on out.) It was great. Even in the end when the boys were covered from head to toe in white dusty flour!  
I love them. I love the moments of "not caring" if they make a mess in the flour just so we can find a pure moment of joy in the end. And in these kind of Mommy moments Im learning to not care so much if messes happen.... it was hard at first (Im miss CLEAN freak, remember!! HA!) but pure joy to see! 
I love my boys! 
What have been some of your Mommy moments lately???? 

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