Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sugar Cookies

So I have been in cookie decorating mode! I love decorating....just sayin...
Here's some that I did for my friends baby shower! She has a beautiful baby girl and I thought Id do some with a G for girl on them. If you need the icing recipe go here. I made it a little thicker to do the piping. :)

Step 1: Outline
I used squeeze bottles for decorating these! So easy and fun! (I want to see if squeeze bottles work on cakes too...Ill let you know once I try) Anywho, Outline your cookie in white frosting in the shape of a flower. Once that dries fill in the middle with pink. :) 
Step 2: Pipe and Sprinkle
Once your pink and white flower dry, your ready to pipe a pretty g on there. Pipe a g (I practiced on parchment paper first to get the hang)  Then pour the sprinkles ontop of the wet g to stick. Gently shake off excess sprinkles. Repeat. I got the cute g idea from Bake at 350! Super cute ideas!
For the plain white pearl cookies I just put white frosting on top of the cookie and then immediately poured the sprinkles and pearls on top. Simple and cute! 

They were fun! Sorry the pictures are so bad, it was late.Enjoy! 


  1. So gorgeous! Love it! Those g's are beautiful -great job!


  2. Thanks so much! They were so fun to do! :)



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